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Living Room Sets Under 1000 – 7 Best You Can Buy Online 2017

Searching for living room sets under $1000?

Let me tell you from experience, finding a living room set under $1000 that is comfortable, easy to maintain, inexpensive and fits perfectly into your living space can be a difficult task. The definition of a perfect living room set is different from person to person. What one person finds comfortable, and stylish, someone else may find to be stiff and bland. There are also many different setups, arrangements, and styles to consider when you are searching for the perfect living room set.

Here at Sofa Reports, our aim is to help make the decision making process easier for you when it comes time for you to purchase a living room set. This guide will serve as a walk-through on everything you need to know about finding the Best Living Room Sets Under $1000. We have searched every corner of the web, and bring to you only the best Living Room Sets that fit within your $1000 budget.

Quick Answer: Best Living Room Set Under $1000

1. Cynthia Black Faux Leather Reclining Living Room Set Review

Reclining Living Room Set
Cynthia Black Faux Leather Reclining Living Room Set


2. 2-Tone Brown Reclining Sofa and Loveseat Living Room Set Review

Reclining Living Room Set Under 1000
2-Tone Brown Reclining Sofa and Loveseat Living Room Set


3. Ashley Cowan Right Facing Sectional Sofa with Armless Loveseat and Left Facing Corner Chaise Review

Sectional Set Under 1000
Ashley Cowan Right Facing Sectional Sofa with Armless Loveseat and Left Facing Corner Chaise


4. 3 Piece Malibu Design Handmade Rattan Wicker Living Room Set Review

Wicker Living Room Set
3 Piece Malibu Design Handmade Rattan Wicker Living Room Set


5. Christies Home Living Transitional Beige 2-Piece Living Room Set Review

Sofa and Loveseat Set
Christies Home Living Transitional Beige 2-Piece Living Room Set


6. 3-Piece LifeStyle Faux Leather Sectional Living Room Set Review

Cheap Sectional Living Room Set Under 1000
3-Piece LifeStyle Faux Leather Sectional Living Room Set


7. Contemporary Bonded Leather Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Living Room Set Review

Contemporary Living Room Set Under 1000
Contemporary Bonded Leather Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Living Room Set Review


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Hope you find something you like!

Table of Contents

1. Why do I need a living room set?

2. 8 things to consider when buying a living room set

3. 7 best living room sets under $1000

Why should I buy a living room set under $1000?

When you and your family need a place to unwind after a long day at work or school, you should have confidence that your furniture is going to be comfortable and sturdy. After all, if your furniture doesn’t perform like it should, you will be spending a lot of time sitting on the floor instead of the furniture that you worked hard to pay for.

There is no need to worry. Follow the steps of this guide and you will avoid wasting your money on low-quality furniture.

A living room set with good quality does not always have to cost you a lot of money. Sometimes, especially when shopping online,  you can find a great deal on very high quality furniture and living room sets. If you are working within a budget, but don’t want your furniture to show it, stick with us and we will take you through the ins and outs of shopping for a high-quality living room set with a budget of only $1000.

Purchasing a good quality living room set is making an investment in your home. It will last you a long time if properly cared for. The best thing about finding a high quality living room set for cheap is the return on investment. It will easily be the most used and most noticed thing that you will purchase for years to come, bringing value back to the money you spend on it.

We recommend putting your money towards the highest quality living room set that you can afford.  You can rest assured knowing that every living room set on this list has been thoroughly reviewed for comfort, quality, durability and price.

Only the best living room sets within the $1000 budget we are working with were selected. We will show you how we found these living room sets, which living room set under $1000 we think is the best, and how we came to that conclusion.







1. Durability of your living room set under $1000

What is the rub rating?

Durability in furniture fabrics is rated with a measurement known as rubs. It is much of what it’s name implies. Basically, it is an abrasion test that is used to determine an estimate of how many times someone wearing a coarse fabric, such as jeans, can slide on and off the sofa before damaging it.

Resistance to abrasion is often times listed right on the tag of the fabric. The fabric makers generally have their products tested in 3rd party laboratories to determine the rub, or “double-rub” rating. A “double-rub” rating is plain in it’s name as well, simply being two rubs instead of one.

How much can the fabric handle?

The most commonly followed standard for furniture fabrics can be determined as follows:

  • Light Use: 7,000 to 12000 rubs.  Bedroom furniture, formal chairs, accent furniture
  • Medium Use: 12,000 to 18,000 rubs.  Dining room chairs, living room sofas, loveseats, side chairs, ottomans
  • Heavy Use: Over 18,000 rubs.  Kitchen chairs, family room seating, light commercial seating
  • Heavy Commercial: 35,000 rubs and over.  Airport seats, train station seating, bus seats

Think about it like this. If you buy a sofa that is rated for 15,000 rubs, you would have to get in and out of it 4 times a day, for more than 10 years before the fabric would even begin to show signs of wear.

Do not think that the fabric rating is the most important aspect of buying a sofa or living room set. What is more important is that you like the way it looks, you feel comfortable in it, and you can fit it into your floor plan. The average furniture fabric will last a decade or more under normal conditions.

2. Strength of your living room set under $1000

What makes a strong frame?

The most important things to consider when you are trying to determine if a piece of furniture is built to be strong are the material, composition, and joinery of the frame.

What materials are used to build frames?

A sturdy-built frame means a sofa that will last you for a long time. Most low-cost woods, such as pine, are soft and may warp or give after five to seven years. Hardwood, while a bit pricier, is more durable and can extend the life of your furniture by decades. Some of the best hardwoods for a furniture frame are oak, ash, or beech.

Avoid frames that are constructed of cheap, man-made materials such as particleboard or plastic. These will warp and crack with ease under normal usage conditions. Also avoid furniture where the legs are not a part of the frame. The legs should either be crafted as one piece with the frame, or held on with screws or dowels. If the legs are held on by glue alone your furniture will not last more than a year or two.

Metal is commonly used in frames in some low-end furniture. It is one of the worst materials used for any weight bearing furniture and should be avoided at all costs. With metal sofa frames you will typically find that they will have already started to bow and lose their shape after only 15 months of medium use.

How is a frame constructed?

There is one aspect of a frame that is more important than even the material used.

To craft a piece of furniture, you must first join, or connect, pieces of wood together. It is the strength of these joints that will determine whether or not your furniture maintains it’s strength for years to come.

There are many types of joints used in the design and construction of furniture. Here are two of the best types of joints that you want to look for in your living room set:

  • Mortise & Tenon: This type of joint is used for connecting two pieces of wood meeting at a 90 degree angle. One of the pieces has a hole, and the other piece is cut to fit perfectly into that hole, creating a solid piece.This is the strongest type of joint to build furniture with.
  • Corner Block Reinforced: This term may sound familiar to some. It is a common and necessary part of any piece of sturdy, high quality furniture. Even if you have never heard the term, you most likely have seen this method in practice. At the corner of the frame, an extra piece of wood is attached at an angle and then screwed into place. This provides added support in on of the weaker areas of the frame.

How do I know if the frame is strong?

Here is a good method for testing the strength of your sofa frame. This can also be used to determine if your old sofa needs to be replaced. Lift one front leg of the sofa at least six inches from the floor, the other front leg should now be off of the floor as well. If it is not, the frame is weak and bowing when lifted. It is a good to replace your sofa if it is in such condition.

3. Comfort of your living room set under $1000

What types of material are used to make the cushions?

When choosing a sofa, it is important that you understand the material inside of the cushions, and what qualities that material has.

Here are the three most commonly used material types for sofa cushions:

  • Foam: Foam is the most commonly used filling material for sofas. It comes in several different densities that provide varying levels of support and comfort. Low-density foam is softer, with a mid-level firmness to it. High-density foam is much more firm. If you have ever sat on a hard sofa, it was most likely made with high-density foam.
  • Memory foam: Memory foam is one of the newest filling materials, developed in 1966 for NASA. There are two main types of memory foam, high-density, and low-density. High-density memory foam reacts to your body heat, softening and conforming to your body to provide support.
  • Spring down: The third most commonly used filling is called spring down. This is when a foam box is built around a core of coiled springs, and then wrapped tight with thick polyester fibers. This is then put inside of a cover made of down and polyester fiber. The combination of springs and down provide a soft, resilient cushion.

How many cushions should there be?

One often overlooked detail when it comes to selecting a comfortable sofa, is the number of cushions.

Some designs are built for style, and some are built to be comfortable. You can generally tell what kind you are looking at by comparing the number of seat cushions to the number of back cushions.

You want this number to be equal. Having one or two long seat cushions and three back cushions is a sign that the support structures of the sofa frame are not built equally. This could cause the frame to weaken faster over time, and show signs of warp or sag.

4. Size of your living room set under $1000

Will it fit through my doorway?

The most important thing about selecting a sofa is first making sure you can fit it through your doorway.

If you are unable to get it inside, none of your other sofa making decisions are going to matter. Remember to measure your doorway.  Here are a couple of factors to consider when trying to figure out if you can fit it through your doorway:

  • Feet: Removing the feet from the sofa will give you an extra few inches of wiggle room.
  • Sectionals: If you are purchasing a sectional, you can remove the connecting bracket that holds the pieces of the sectional together.
  • Fluff: Sofas are measured fully fluffed, you can compress the top cushions while bringing it through the entryway to gain an extra inch or two.

How much space do I have?

An important consideration in purchasing a living room set is the amount of space you have available in your floor plan.

This may seem obvious to some, but the size of the room should not be the only consideration. A few questions you will want to ask yourself are:

  • How will the living room set fit into the room?
  • Are there end tables or anything else that requires extra space?
  • Do I have ample space in front of the sofa?

Be sure to factor all of these in when you are making measurements for length.

Remember that the style of sofa you choose will also factor in to the size measurements. A sofa with overstuffed armrests will take up more space, but provide the same amount of seating when compared to something with less cushioning.

5. Weight of your living room set under $1000

How much does my sofa weigh?

Do you know how much the average sofa weighs?

The weight of your sofa will vary depending on the model and type. However, sofas are generally in the range of 150 pounds, all the way up to 1500 pounds.

How should I move my living room set?

It is important to follow best lifting practices when lifting and carrying large, heavy items like a sofa, love seat, or other pieces of your living room set. In order to prevent damage to your furniture, or injury to yourself, consider the following:

  • Plan ahead: Researching the area ahead of time will allow you to map out the easiest and safest way of getting your living room set in and out of the house. You want to be sure that there will be no obstacles in your path, and you will be able to get the furniture in through the entryway that you choose. Try to figure out when you will have to turn the furniture to get it through a narrow entryway. This way you can plan ahead and do it without damaging your house, furniture, or yourself.
  • Find a friend: A sofa is a heavy piece of furniture. Find a few friends who are willing to help you move your furniture. It will be much cheaper and much easier than hiring a professional company.
  • Use best lifting practices:  Lifting heavy furniture is a common cause of back injuries in the United States. Never try to move large items alone. Here are a few tips for avoiding injury when lifting smaller pieces of furniture: Squat, keep your legs wide and under your shoulders, keep a good posture, lift slowly and hold the load close to your body.

6. Design of your living room set under $1000

What are my choices?

The amount of options when shopping for a living room set has increased dramatically in recent history.

Going from just a few styles, setups, and designs, to millions of different configurations in only a matter of years. We will go over a few of them and explain what to look for when choosing the design for your sofa.

When we talk about sofa designs, we’re speaking of the various configurations a sofa can come in. From 2 seat sofas, all the way up to 12 person sectionals. Depending on your budget, you could find just about any type of sofa in any configuration.

Here are a few different styles you can think about while planning the perfect living room set for your budget:

  • Sectional Sofa: The sectional is a sofa or couch that is made from multiple pieces. A sectional will generally come with between 2 and 5 pieces. The size, shape, and color can vary based on your preferences. A common misconception is that all sectionals are large and bulky. However, sectionals built for apartments, condos, and even dorms are becoming increasingly popular and more abundant.
  • Modern: The term “modern furniture” refers to furniture that is influenced by design ideas that were common from post World War II, until today. The idea behind a modernist design is to strip it of all decorative and style elements, and focus simply on function and precision. Modern furniture, if researched properly, can provide a very distinct and polarizing accent to a room.
  • Recliners: The first recliner is believed to have been owned by Napoleon III. These days, you don’t have to be royalty to get the comfort and relaxation that comes with a recliner. Recliners are great for adding an extra layer of comfort and style to any living room set.

7. Material Types for your living room set under $1000

What material is best?

The best choice is going to depend on a lot of factors. Use our guide and the rub chart above to determine which material is going to work best for your budget.

Here are a few material types and the benefits of each:

  • Natural fibers: Natural fibers include all of the plant based threads, such as linen, cotton, silk, wool, and rayon. Cotton, linen, and wool are the most durable among this group. However, all are prone to staining, and susceptible to both sunlight and moisture.
  • Synthetic fibers: Synthetic fibers are the result of years of research by scientists with the goal of improving on natural fibers. Synthetics are created by extruding the materials into tiny strands which are then spun and woven together. A common example of a synthetic is microfiber. Microfiber is a popular material in living room sets as it is resistant to stains and tears.
  • Leather:  Leather, made from processing animal hides, is considered a luxury among consumers everywhere. The highest quality of leather living room sets can go for tens of thousands of dollars. More commonly, living room sets will be made with composite leathers, such as bi-cast, bonded, or faux leather. They look and feel very similar to genuine leather, but come at a fraction of the cost.

8. Living room sets under $1000 – Options

What are my choices?

Imagine that you have an idea in mind for the perfect living room set. You can see exactly what each piece looks like and where it fits at in your floor plan.

What did your living room set look like?

A sectional with an ottoman? A sofa and love seat? A sofa and a chair? The options are endless. It is best to limit yourself to only a few choices and try to choose from there.

Living Room Set Reviews – 7 Best Living Room Sets Under $1000





1. Cynthia Black Faux Leather Reclining Living Room Set

Reclining Living Room Set
Cynthia Black Faux Leather Reclining Living Room Set

The Cynthia Black Faux Leather Reclining Living Room Set by Beverly Fine Furniture is a 3 piece black bonded-leather sofa, love seat, and chair offering up a total of 5 recliners spread across the 3 pieces.

Are you looking for a high-quality living room set with adult sensibilities?

Then this item will be the perfect addition to your living room. For the money, you will not find a better built, more comfortable set of recliners.

The chair reclines back a bit further than the love seat or sofa, however all 3 lie pretty flat when fully reclined. This living room set is great for adults who want their furniture to look the part. The bottom and back cushions are plush, covered with a faux bonded-leather that provides a smooth, comfortable surface to sit or lie down.

Those are a few of the great things about this living room set.

However, the best thing about this living room set, besides it being high quality and cheap, is the fact that it is 3 separate pieces and can be rearranged easily. The only downside to rearranging these furniture pieces is the weight. With a total of 5 recliners, they are heavier than a normal living room set. However, the classic style and comfort are worth the extra effort of getting them into place.

This is one of the best choices for people with large families, or those looking for furniture to entertain with. The total surface area over the 3 pieces of furniture can seat a minimum of 6 people. However, the sofa is quite large and you could most likely fit 7 people comfortably.

Things That I Like:

  • High quality, plush, comfortable cushions
  • Five recliners. Five!
  • Sleek leather design
  • Adds a sense of dignity to a room



2. 2-Tone Brown Reclining Sofa and Loveseat Living Room Set

Reclining Living Room Set Under 1000
2-Tone Brown Reclining Sofa and Loveseat Living Room Set

This 2-Tone Reclining Living Room Set from GTU Furniture is great for those with smaller spaces to work with or smaller families.

Upholstered with high-quality microfiber, each piece of this set comes standard with built-in recliners for maximum comfort and relaxation.

This Living Room Set is a bit smaller than it looks in the pictures. However, it more than makes up for it by being plush and comfortable.

The high-quality microfiber upholstery is stain and water resistant, making this great for those with pets or small children.

Things That I Like:

  • It it refreshing to find a reclining set that will fit comfortably in an apartment!
  • Stain-resistant microfiber
  • Relaxing, built-in recliners



3.  Ashley Cowan Right Facing Sectional Sofa with Armless Loveseat and Left Facing Corner Chaise


Sectional Set Under 1000
Ashley Cowan Right Facing Sectional Sofa with Armless Loveseat and Left Facing Corner Chaise

This U sectional is the best all-in-one living room set we have seen for under $1000.

This living room set will give your family plenty of room to spread out and relax together. The top and back cushions are plush and provide a good amount of support when you’re trying to relax after work.

It comes standard with a right facing sofa, a left facing corner chaise, and an armless love seat.  There are five plush seat cushions, rolled, over stuffed armrests, and an extra-wide chaise. In total you can fit a family of 7-10 people on this comfortably.

When planning to include this living room set in your floor plan, be sure to measure adequately and ensure that there is ample space in the front of the sectional. An ottoman can also be added to serve as a foot rest and storage.

Things That I Like:

  • Loads of space to entertain or come together as a family.
  • The armrests. Rolled and overstuffed, they are one of the most comfortable and unique features of this living room set.
  • Modern U design
  • Looks and feels expensive, but comes with a cheap price tag




4. 3 Piece Malibu Design Handmade Rattan Wicker Living Room Set


Wicker Living Room Set
3 Piece Malibu Design Handmade Rattan Wicker Living Room Set

This Rattan Living Room Set will make a polarizing addition to any apartment, house, or condo. Rattan furniture is built to be attractive, fashionable, and environmentally friendly.

This living room set comes with two handmade Rattan Wicker Chairs, and one wicker coffee table. If you are a fan of unique, alternative designs this is something you should consider.

There is one strong point I would like to make about this living room set:

Don’t be dissuaded by the cheap price tag.

I know that for a lot of items you can gauge the quality by the price. Since you are reading a guide about the best living room sets, I hope you can trust us when we say these items are high-quality.

Rattan furniture is built strong and should last your family for a very long time if properly cared for, making this one of the best living room sets for the price.

Things That I Like:

  • Unique design brings a hint of the outdoors to an every day living room furniture set.
  • Polarizing and attractive.
  • Cheap! We are a bargain guide, this furniture provides one of the best returns that you can get from a living room furniture set.
  • Easy to arrange into many different configurations.
  • The table is great to hold potted plants if you do not need it for your living room.




5. Christies Home Living Transitional Beige 2-Piece Living Room Set


Sofa and Loveseat Set
Christies Home Living Transitional Beige 2-Piece Living Room Set

Comfort. Style. Durability.

These words have been used a few times in this article, but never more fitting than when describing this living room set.

The Christies Home Living Transitional Living Room Set is cheap, but you would never be able to determine that by looking at it or sitting on it.

This living room set receives extra high marks for it’s hardwood frame and corner block reinforced sides. If you have read our guide about how to

choose the best frame, you will remember that these were the best options for frame material and joinery.

A wonderful thing about this living room set is it’s obscure, transitional design. Transitional designs are classified as those that bridge the gap between traditional and modern styles. A general lack of decoration and accessories brings out the simplistic style and subtle color palettes.

The transitional style has a focus on practicality over aesthetics.

This will become obvious to you as you look over the materials used to create this living room set. With no resources wasted on flare and decorations, the manufacturer is able to put more time and money into the quality of the pieces. In addition to the high-quality hardwood frame, and corner block reinforced sides, this living room set boasts a premium faux-leather cover.

Quick note: This also comes in a 3-piece living room set. Adding a chair puts the total over our $1000 budget so we left it off to keep within our limits. However, if you’re interested in this living room set and want to add a matching chair, the link to the 2-Piece set on Amazon has up to date pricing for both the 2-piece and 3-piece sets.

Things That I Like:

  • Solid living room set. High-end hardwood frame and strongest joinery type used.
  • Obscure transitional design. These are becoming harder to find, happy to see one that is a great quality and a great price.
  • Customizable. Although it will put you slightly over your budget, the ability to add a chair for cheap if you’re already purchasing 2 pieces is a strong bonus.




6.  3-Piece LifeStyle Faux Leather Sectional Living Room Set

Cheap Sectional Living Room Set Under 1000
3-Piece LifeStyle Faux Leather Sectional Living Room Set

If you are in the market and actively searching for a great, cheap sectional set to buy, do not pass this chance up.

If you do, the LifeStyle Faux Leather Sectional Living Room Set will be the set that you regret not buying.

Offering ample seating for 4-6 people, this is a great mid-sized sectional sofa for small to medium families. Two square accent pillows break up the somewhat monotonous and barren landscape of this sectional set.

However, the addition of the ottoman brings the style of this set together in an aesthetically pleasing way.

When it comes to sectional and ottoman living room sets, there are quite literally tens of thousands to choose from. The reason we chose this is because of the value you get from it’s cheap price tag combined with it’s high quality. That is the number one thing we look for when it comes to recommending furniture.

Things That I Like:

  • Great value
  • Well-structured ottoman and accent pillow design
  • Ample storage space inside the ottoman




7.  Contemporary Bonded Leather Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Living Room Set


Contemporary Living Room Set Under 1000
Contemporary Bonded Leather Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Living Room Set

The Contemporary Bonded Leather Sofa and Loveseat living room set by GTU looks like it came straight out of the future.

A type of bonded leather that is soft to the touch stretches across the wooden frame. Also, this futuristic style living room set comes in three colors: Black, red, and grey.

We put this living room set on this list for it’s style, durability, and price. However, in my opinion it is the most uncomfortable piece of furniture on this list. It is built more for style than function, and you can tell after sitting on it for a bit.

Things That I Like:

  • Aesthetically pleasing contemporary design
  • Great for an office or waiting room




A Quick Story


It has been about 12 years now since I purchased my first sectional. I only wish I knew then what I know now.

This in itself is a large inspiration behind creating this guide. Finding the the best deal on a living room set under $1000 is a skill you can learn just like anything else. So, the more you practice, the better you will get at it.

However, training resources for researching living room sets under $1000 are few and far between. This makes learning how to pick out high-quality, low-cost furniture online a difficult topic to research. There is a void of information.Likely because big name furniture stores want you to be dependent on them for all of your furniture purchases, information, and research. We intend to fix that.

My first sectional was similar in appearance and construction materials to the one in living room set number 6. I bought it during one of those “President’s Day 70% Off” sales at a major brick-and-mortar furniture store. I paid almost 3 times the price that this entire set costs, for only the sectional.

I thought I was getting a great deal.

Not long after bringing it home, my excitement at owning my first sectional evaporated into disappointment. The metal frame began to warp after a little more than a year. Soon after, the cushions followed, turning flat and lopsided. Overall, I had this sectional for less than 2 years before the right armrest fell off and I decided that it was time to get rid of it.

At the time, I knew nothing of frame construction or joinery. As it would turn out, the frame did not use corner block joints to strengthen the most important joints. This was purchased from what is possibly the largest and most popular name brand furniture store in the United States.

My warranty had expired. I was out a couple of thousand dollars with no usable furniture and nothing to show for it. To someone in their mid 20’s, it was a huge setback.

If I had done my research, I could have saved myself thousands of dollars and a lot of time.

The Decision – Best Living Room Set Under $1000


There are a lot of great sofas, sectionals, recliners, and bundle offers on this list of the best living room sets under $1000.

Coming to a decision on which one stands above the rest was tough. If you are familiar with our guides, you will know that most of our lists have a clear-cut winner that we can point to and explain why it is the best value for your money. With so many good options, that was not the case here.

However, there is one living room set that adds slightly more value than the rest. So our pick for the best living room set under $1000 goes to the Christies Home Living Transitional Beige 2-Piece Living Room Set.

We came to this decision in part because of the high quality materials used to craft this set. Finding a furniture manufacturer that uses both hardwood and the correct styles of joinery on a cheap, extremely high-quality living room set is a rarity and should be taken advantage of.

The added bonus that pushed this set into the number one spot is the option of adding a chair to your living room set for only a small amount more. Normally we try to avoid promoting things that put us outside of the budget we want to work with. In this case, the value is tremendous and should be strongly considered if you go with this living room set.

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